Roast Turkey Three Cheese Value Meal

Thinly sliced turkey and melted swiss, cheddar and gouda cheese, on a bun small enough to hold with a single hand. There is nothing difficult about eating this turkey sandwich. In fact, this is likely the most convenient turkey sandwich you’ll ever eat

Choices of Drinks:

Coke (0.000 KD)
Diet Coke (0.000 KD)
Sprite (0.000 KD)
Fanta Orange (0.000 KD)
Shake Jamocha Regular (0.550 KD)
Shake Chocolate Regular (0.550 KD)
Shake Vanilla Regular (0.550 KD)
Water (0.000 KD)

Add-ons / Extra
1.5 oz extra turkey- 0.550

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