Super Roast Beef Value Meal

Our Super roast beef is piled on a toasted sesame seed bun topped with tomato, lettuce and red ranch sauce

Choices of Drinks:
Coke (0.000 KD)
Diet Coke (0.000 KD)
Sprite (0.000 KD)
Fanta Orange (0.000 KD)
Shake Jamocha Regular (0.550 KD)
Shake Chocolate Regular (0.550 KD)
Shake Vanilla Regular (0.550 KD)
Water (0.000 KD)

Add-ons / Extra
Cheese sauce- 0.250
Cheese slice- 0.250
1.5 oz extra Roast beef- 0.350
No red ranch- 0.00

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